The Inside Edge – a non-profit group of 100 to 150 people that gather weekly in Irvine, California for community, education, encouragement, entertainment and lots of fun. We are treated to amazing speakers, usually on the "cutting edge" of their field, and each meeting closes with a musician performing two or three songs. We broadcast our meetings live on the internet and we have catalogued hundreds of our programs for viewing on the website, for free! Check it out!


The most amazing art teacher and artist - Paul Heussenstamm. I first heard Paul speak at the Inside Edge, then signed up for a colored pencil mandala class. That class inspired me to go out and buy acrylic paints and start experimenting. After taking his class at Esalen, I was hooked on the mandala form. Paul truly believes that beautiful art and ideas can come through all of us, if we open ourselves to the flow. Watch for Paul’s book on art and great artists, coming soon. And if you get the chance to take a workshop from Paul, go for it! He goes around the world inspiring people to create.


At a point in my life where I just wasn’t sure where to go next, I hired Kate Sholonski as a personal coach. Together, we uncovered and shined up my dream to create beauty, and with her help I was soon calling myself an artist and stepping into that vision fully.


I’m a big believer in assessment tools to help you get a good idea of your unique personality and how you relate to the world; otherwise, you either think you’re crazy, or you’re convinced everyone else is. Pam Oslie’s book Life Colors is an especially good tool (along with the Myers-Briggs, you may not need anything else!) I began seeing Pam about 10 years ago, and her loving guidance has helped me believe in myself and the gifts I bring to the world.


When Bill Kauth came to speak at the Inside Edge, I knew I had to get more of whatever he had to offer. I signed up for the Warrior Monk workshop, and have been volunteering as staff ever since. Bill created the New Warrior training for men (see www.mkp.org) and went on to develop several other personal growth trainings. The Monk is designed to get you deeply in touch with yourself – your beliefs, your dreams, and the parts that hold you back. Powerful work and profoundly affirming.


This is a directory of Mandala Artists on the web.


This is "paint-by-numbers" site that is featuring some of my mandalas. They have all kinds of art and photography you can paint online. It's a lot of fun!

Art & Design Online


Mandala artists are one fine bunch of people. One of the most wonderful is Merry Norris. who lives in Columbus, Ohio. Please check out her website and see her beautiful work, and if you are interested in painting mandalas, you won't find a better teacher.


My friend, John Day, has a website full of beautiful spiritual sustenance and guidance. A former minister, he once answered my call when I was in deep emotional pain and fear. His words were like a lifeline to me, and I am forever grateful for his love and care.

Other Mandala Artists